Finally it’s officially autumn, and although this opinion might lead to some surprised faces: it makes me happy. The changing colours of the leaves, the fresh winds. Even the fact that it gets darker earlier, is something I like right now. Last year I was in South Africa and therefore I missed autumn. But these months, especially September and October, are usually my most productive. The changing of the seasons gives me renewed energy and renewed inspiration.

Nature’s changing, which makes me want to move as well. The nights start earlier, therefore I like to stay inside and write. The air is getting colder, which makes me want get things done. Autumn usually gives me a lot. Therefore, I thought it would be nice to ‘celebrate’ autumn with a small retrospective on my September: what did I do, by what was I inspired?

Before I start telling you about all the things music-related this month, I’d like to tell you: I biked in Amsterdam! The reason I’m so happy about that is because I’ve been in public transport so much lately in Amsterdam. And while there’s nothing wrong with public transport, I highly prefer to transfer myself, in the open air, while moving a little bit and sightseeing as well. Amsterdam is such a beautiful city, so I’m really glad to have biked there. I might do it many more times, and I’m even thinking about buying a bike in Amsterdam. So, if you know someone, who knows someone, who is selling their bike in Amsterdam… kindly let me know!;)


Concerts in September

This past month I went to quite a few concerts. On the 1st of September, I went to see Belle & Sebastian in my hometown Utrecht. I didn’t know the band beforehand (it was a birthday present!) but it was such a lovely concert. They enjoyed playing for us a lot, and let the audience participate as much as they could. A few days later I went to marvel about Laura Gibson together with a friend. This singer-songwriter makes such poetic songs!

But of course my highlight of the month has to be Bon Iver. I love his music so much and he’s an extremely good musician, also live, so this concert was just amazing. His music is a constant in my life, I keep coming back to his songs and find something else in it every time.

Bon Iver in Tivoli Vredenburg, by Nathan Reinds

Although nothing could beat that concert, of course, I also enjoyed the 7 Layers Festival in Paradiso, Amsterdam, a lot. I saw one of my favourite artists lately (Lucy Rose) and this time I could sing along with all of her songs. We also saw Justin Nozuka play, and what a man is that. When he starts singing, you are just automatically listening to what he has to say.

My music: new things come with excitement and disappointment

My mission this year is just to make a lot of music. And not only that: I also want to record. A lot. I started preparing for that a while ago. Buying the right gear, finding out how it all works. And finally, I have everything I need to record! I am so excited about all the new things I can start to try now.

But not everything is always going according to plan, of course. There were some bumps in the road, for example when I had all the stuff I needed and suddenly my computer programme for audio production didn’t want to work. It was frustration and disappointment, and of course I started panicking way to soon. Now, I’ve got everything under control again so hopefully I can start showing you what I’m working on soon!


Favourite album: September by Yori Swart

Of course, this had to be my favourite for this month. But that’s not only because of the album’s title. This is also just a very good album with a lot of things I like: autumn-vibes, country influences, African-like singing, good lyrics, strong songs. Music I like.

Another favourite, which I told you about before but I’m just going to mention it again, is the podcast Millennial. I tell you exactly what I like about it in the post graduated (01): i’m a millennial. It’s mainly a lot of recognition, in this season of my life. Next to that, I think the maker just did a very good job on making you feel like you’re peeking inside her memories and her life for 20 minutes.

Happy October!