This is an ode to the dreamers. Because I used to be one myself, and because I still believe in the magic of dreaming. Dreams don’t always necessarily have to come true. Maybe dreams just stay that: dreams. However all of those dreams, the future dreams, the wishes, the visions, ideals, they give you direction.

Of course the title of this post is a reference to the movie La La Land (loved it), in which the main character sings to us: “Here’s to the ones who dream, crazy as they may seem.” Crazy, that’s how I felt a lot of times. In the Netherlands, we have the ‘don’t stand out’-principle, the ‘don’t be different from the rest’-principle. Which means that even telling others about your dreams can already be not done. I still remember that day when a boy from my music class in high school told everyone he wanted to go to the conservatory. Everyone was shocked he dared to say such a thing, and later on they said that it was quite the arrogant statement. Meanwhile, this guy has done several auditions and he’s now studying at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Oh, and he also happens to be my boyfriend right now. Because I like it when people dare to speak about their dreams.

I never really dared to do so, and I still find it difficult. Maybe even more difficult because there are so many things I like to do, I’m able to dream of different parallel realities. If we relate it to music for a moment, only even saying “I do music” or, worse: “I am a musician” is something I usually avoid. Of course, this has to do with fear. Because, what if it fails? But it also has to do with all of those people around us, the Dutch ‘don’t think you’re special’ mentality. I think that’s a shame. I like to dream.

Dream your biggest dreams

That’s why I’m here today to say to you: DREAM. Let your thoughts run wild, fantasize your most fantastic life. And tell everyone about it. People with dreams, people with goals, with ambitions: they are going after what they want. They have a small fire inside of them, which makes them keep pushing and keep going.

This is an ode to the dreamers. They are the people with a vision. They have no guarantee whatsoever it will work, their dreams will come true. Maybe that’s not even what counts. They know what they are fighting for. They are the creative people, the people who want to make the world a better place. They are the people that are being watched by the outside world as if they are in a different reality: how do you… the chances are so small.. what if..

They are the people who float just a little bit above the ground.

To me, this fantasy world is what gives me energy, what makes me happy, what makes me keep doing what I do. By keeping possibilities open. The idea alone that I am striving towards something gives me courage, even if I don’t know I will ever get there. It makes me feel better to at least pretend as if I have a popular blog, as if my songs are listened to and appreciated by a lot of people. As long as I don’t doubt myself too much, I’m always right where I’m supposed to be.

Those little girl’s dreams

Do you remember the little girl’s (or boy’s) dreams you used to have? When you were dancing around in your room with a fake microphone, or made the small table into a travel agency? (Those were things I loved to do myself.) You can still be that way. But just a little bit bigger. I try to do it with my blog, with youtube, with small performances. I try not to take myself and my work too seriously. I don’t need thousands of ‘followers’, I want to make the process the most important part. And I even think that’s ultimately the key to the most important thing of all, which is just having fun.

And please, let us stop being jealous towards others when they pronounce their dreams. Let us support each other with every step along the way. Don’t think it’s a threat when someone shares their dreams with others, but see it as encouragement to do so yourself as well. Let us not accept the status quo which tells us that those dreams of ours are never gonna be reality anyway. Let us stay, for a little longer, as long as we can, in that state of partly awake, partly dreaming.