Finally, I can let you hear this song! I wrote it quite a while ago, but it’s still one of my favorites. I think that’s partly because of the subject it is about. In this post I’m sharing my song ‘Soldier’ with you, which I recorded last spring in the living room of Rik Janssen. The song was recorded by Rik, and images by Eline van Hooff. It was a lot of fun to record my song this way and I like that I have this recording now, so I can share it with you!

About the song: Soldier

Like some of you might know, I studied Conflict Studies. A heavy, but also very interesting studies that lit a small fire inside of me. That’s what happened after I saw a critical documentary about American soldiers. It showed how they are recruted, how they are dreaming of heroic deeds, how they got tattoos about the army.

And then the enormous contrast with the soldiers that actually got back from their mission. Desillusioned, mentally broken. Most of them are not able to live normal lives after they got back home. The story that struck me the most came from a young soldier who was based in Afghanistan. He told about the fear he felt when he had to break in to a dark house where they though were enemies. He couldn’t see anything, he could only hear. And then, he heard something. Movement in the corner. He decided to shoot. But later, he saw that it had been a mother with her child.

Quite heavy, right? That’s what this song is about. It’s almost an angry warning for all those soldiers that still have to go: know what lies ahead. You’re just being used by the greater powers (the government). Quite directly I say that to everyone who listens to this song.